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Isle of Man Coaching Camp
30th July - 2nd August 2007

Write up by Jenny Salisbury, Jack Mitchell and Dawn Mitchell

Forget about Cyprus or Majorca, the place for Lancashire U16 badminton players this summer was the Isle of Man!!

We joined up with players from Durham, Northumberland, Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire at the ferry terminal in Liverpool and spent most of the three hour journey in the children's play area ... watching Happy Feet! When we arrived in Douglas we had time to unpack and settle into our hotel (luxury - this year we had our own toilet, shower and bath as opposed to last year's sink!!) before a quick shop and an evening training session (without rackets!!) on the beach.

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All of Tuesday and Wednesday were spent in the National Sports Centre, Douglas, where we met up with players from the Isle of Man and trained with our coaches, Steve Butler (former international player and England coach) and Ed Foster. We focussed on all aspects of badminton - movement, technique and of course games!! Other than obviously the badminton we also focussed on team work and in the afternoon we split into two teams and had a competition playing against each other.

After two hard days of training we were all ready for an hour and a half sit down in the (tiny) local cinema with the choice of either The Simpsons or Harry Potter.

On the 2nd August, after three days in the Isle of Man, it was time to head back to Liverpool, but not before a two hour training session from nine to eleven (we had to forget all hopes of a lie in!!). The last session was probably the hardest because it was pretty much all movement and strengthening exercises, so we all went back with aching legs and arms.

After rushing back to to the hotel and piling numerous suitcases and racket bags onto the Yorkshire minibus we went to the terminal where we were told that the ferry had been delayed ... so we had three more hours to explore Douglas.

The week was thoroughly enjoyable and we have all learnt a lot and made new friends.

The Lancs players were: Josh Goodman, Dawn Mitchell, Jack Mitchell, Daniel Myers, Jenny Salisbury, Amy Shovelton, Matthew Tolman and Richard Walker.

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