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Isle of Man Coaching Camp
24th - 27th July 2006

In the summer of 2006 twelve of Lancashire's brightest young players went to the Isle of Man on a coaching camp. The 4-day trip was organised under the umbrella of the North Midway Badminton League (NMBL) which aims to bring badminton opportunities to the tier of players below the top grade. Around forty players in the U14 & U15 age brackets attended the trip, with half coming from Lancashire and Yorkshire and the others from participating counties in the NMBL.

The trip cost players £165 each, including coaching, meals, travel by Seacat Ferry from Liverpool and accommodation at the Hotel Imperial, Douglas. Players received coaching every day and enjoyed social activities each evening.

This was the second NMBL coaching trip to the Isle of Man and we hope the organisers have the energy to run it again in 2007. Fingers crossed!

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The Lancashire players were: Jonathan Simpson, John-Gareth Phillips, Michael Johnston, Abigail Kay, Stephanie Hall, Jenny Salisbury, Emily Miller, Rachel Wallbank, Dawn Mitchell, Becky Hurst, Danya Lewis, Rosie Sweeney.

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