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Junior Restricted Tournaments 2009
Under 15 on Saturday 19th September 2009
Under 13 on Sunday 20th September 2009
Under 17 on Sunday 20th September 2009

The following entries have been accepted for the above events as per the attached file - click here to download (pdf file).

Please check the list carefully to ensure that your entries have been recorded correctly and note the time and day that you are required to report to the Tournament Secretary at the venue.

If for any reason you are unable to play or you are delayed on the way to the venue, then please contact the Tournament Secretary, Steve Athans, on mobile 07752 331943

Anyone wanting to video or photograph play during the Tournament must first obtain the permission of the Tournament Secretary at the venue.

Venue Greenbank Sports Academy, Greenbank Lane, Liverpool L17 1AG
Directions can be downloaded from 

Individual Tournaments Entry Forms
Squad players wishing to progress their game should enter some individual tournaments sanctioned by BADMINTON England. Access to forms for 2009-10 can be obtained by clicking here.

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